Dogs are a great addition to any family. However, before you commit to owning one, you should understand that you are making a lifetime commitment to the dog’s safety, health, and care. Before getting a dog, the first thing to think of is how to train them. Thankfully, you can choose trained dogs for sale without going through the process of training one yourself. Some professionals help to train family dogs, so they can fit into your family’s lifestyle, and you can fit into theirs. A highly trained family dog from the beginning grows to become a well-behaved adult dog.

To ensure a seamless and happy co-existence between your trained family dog and family, investment is put into the dog’s training prior to purchasing. This ensures that your pet is easy to integrate into the home as soon as they arrive.

What are the Benefits of Buying Trained Family Dogs?

Early intervention in the care and training of puppies is critical. A well-trained puppy brings a lifetime of happiness to its owner. Some factors that are considered during an early intervention in a dog’s life include dedicated attention to behavioural development.

These include socialising with humans of all ages and other dogs, and prevention of destructive habits, such as chewing. It also includes crate training for the night, obedience to standard commands, leash training without running or pulling away, and more.

Professional trainers are equipped with skills to train well-behaved dogs and transform them into trained family dogs from a very young age. When you buy an already-trained dog, you can look forward to a lifetime of loving companionship and stability.

Why Buying a Highly Trained Dog is a Good Investment

Puppies are like new babies that require constant attention and care to grow into healthy and well-behaved creatures. If you do not have the time and energy to appropriately train your puppies, it becomes difficult for them to grow into well-behaved, trained family dogs.

However, when you choose a fully trained dog, you can cut out the stress of training them by yourself. Without a doubt, the upfront cost of acquiring highly trained dogs is more expensive than adopting an untrained puppy. Nonetheless, the benefits outweigh the cost in the long run.

10 Reasons You Should Opt For A Trained Dog 

  1. Trained dogs from A&T are healthier – We carefully select our dogs for sale from trusted, reputable breeders, insisting on an excellent health record.
  2. Our family dogs have perfect breeding – We choose our breeders carefully, making sure that they have strong bloodlines of excellent animals. We only use breeders we trust and that we have worked with before, and we only select strong breeds that are known for their obedience and temperament.
  3. Carefully selected for the right attributes – Unlike a mongrel from your local dog pound, we can select perfect pets based on their individual temperament, to make sure you are getting a good-natured animal. What’s more, because we keep the dogs for several months, we can double-check their personality and make sure the dog is safe and well-trained before we pass them on to you.
  4. House-trained from day one – With a perfect pet, there is no dealing with puddles while you house-train them, and no issues with recall or obedience while you get to know your dog. Perfect pets come fully house-trained, will obey a range of basic commands and have excellent recall from the moment you take ownership.
  5. A smooth transition – To make sure everything works well from day one, your perfect pet comes with a comprehensive handover when you come to collect them, as well as a ‘home pack’ full of suggestions about how best to integrate your new dog into your pack.
  6. Puts you in control– Many people struggle when training their pets, worried that their dog will resent them for being too structured. With a perfect pet, we’ve done the hard work for you, so you can enjoy a well-behaved dog from the start without any worries about training.
  7. Easier to live with – Trained dogs don’t bark at the postman, they don’t chew your furniture, and they won’t run off chasing cats as soon as they are off the lead. You get all the good bits of dog ownership, without any of the drawbacks.
  8. Suitable to be around children – You can trust a trained dog completely, even around little ones. Your children can build a great relationship with your dog, safe in the knowledge that they will not bite or snap at them.
  9. Well-behaved around your friends – You will be able to be at ease around your family, friends, and strangers. They won’t jump up at your friends and family when they come to visit, and they won’t abandon all their training when they get over-excited. They will be a credit to you at all times and in all company.
  10.  Dog walks are stress-free – Your dog won’t disappear in the park, only to return ten minutes later covered in mud from nose to tail. They will walk to heel, obey your commands and have excellent recall when it is time to go home, making your dog walk a pleasure rather than a chore.

Alternatively, You Can Train Your Family Dog

Of course, pet owners can undertake the task of transforming their dogs into highly trained dogs. However, it requires consistency and commitment. Many people require well-trained and well-behaved dogs for several reasons. It may be because of the size of their home, lifestyle factors, physical disabilities, or health considerations. Some others may not have adequate resources and time to care for a disobedient dog due to trauma in its early life and this is why people opt to send their dog away for training.

Generally, having a highly trained family dog is an advantage for everyone. That is why some people do not mind opting for trained dogs for sale instead of training one from scratch.

Tips to Train a Family Dog

Training a family dog is crucial as it saves you stress and heartache in the long run. It is recommended that you take the dog to training classes where you learn to train your dog and help socialise with other dogs.

You expose them to other dogs and a new environment where they learn to behave calmly and appropriately.  A puppy should start socialising while with the breeder, and the training should continue as soon as they come home. Start to teach them skills that they need to remain well-behaved, and they are sure to grow into well-trained and well-behaved dogs. Find out more about the best dog training methods.


If you want to enjoy your family dog, you should invest in their training. If you do not have the luxury of time to train a dog from scratch, you can opt for fully-trained dogs or part-trained dogs for sale. The most important thing is to get a dog that you love and can be proud of.

Opting for a trained family dog is often the best choice for families with no prior skills in training dogs. It is also the best option for individuals who are too busy with work and family and cannot dedicate the required time to train a dog. Although the initial cost is higher than simply adopting a dog, the rewards are many in the long run. 

Get In Touch With A&T Trained Dogs

Owning a dog should be easy and fun, not hard and stressful. So, choose your next dog carefully. Choose a trained dog as a new pet from A&T and enjoy years of obedience and exceptional behaviour. If you’re looking for reputable trainers, we also offer a range of dog training, including: 

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