At A&T we offer summer dog training camps where they can come and learn new skills in a fun and friendly environment. They will receive quality, specialist techniques from our tailored dog training services in the lovely Lancashire countryside at our Lancaster dog training facilities, and they will come back to you completely changed from the experience.

What Are The Benefits of Training Your Dog In The Summer? 

Match Your Holiday Days To Save On kennels

If you arrange residential dog obedience training to match your holiday dates, it can be even better valued, because you won’t have to pay out for kennels while you are away. Your dog will be looked after by our team of caring professionals and trained at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. You’ll get back from your break feeling refreshed and recharged, and your dog will come back to you better-behaved than ever before, so you can enjoy a fresh start all around.

Flexible Learning 

Residential dog training usually takes around four to five weeks, but you can split that up over the summer, or even longer if you prefer, so you are not without your faithful friend for so long. You can rest assured that your pet is in the best possible hands, and you can relax knowing that we are keeping them amused and occupied all summer while you are out at work.

Socialisation And Fun In A Cool Environment 

It’s harder to burn off your dogs’ energy in the Summer because if the temperatures soar, you cannot take them out for long walks in the heat. In a controlled dog training facility, they can enjoy a fun, new environment and learn a new skill without the need to be outside. Our expert team know about dog safety in hot temperatures, so they can tailor the day to match the needs of your dog. 

Tips For Training Dogs In The Summer 

Here at A&T Trained Dogs, our facilities take away the usual heat issues in the Summer when exercising or training your dog. Here are our top training tips for the hotter months: 

  • Ensure you are incorporating water drills to ensure your dog is drinking enough 
  • Take note of a change in mannerisms, this may be a sign of exhaustion 
  • Only have short intervals outside 
  • Try to do most of the training indoors
  • If no indoor space to train, try to work around the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning and evenings  
  • Check the temperature weekly and daily before planning specific sessions and activities 
  • Take into consideration the weight and the fur coat of the dog, this can increase body temperature more than other dogs 

How Does Residential Dog Training Work?

All residential dog training is designed to meet the exact needs of you and your dog. We’ll speak to you at length to identify the problems you are having, and then create a bespoke programme to tackle those issues and make life easier for both of you. Our expert team of trainers have experience with all kinds of dogs, so you can rest assured that we will know what to do with yours. 

What Can I Expect From Residential Dog Training?

After just a few weeks of specialist dog training in Lancashire, your dog will learn to sit, walk to heel and stay at your command. You’ll also notice significant improvements in recall, so you’ll be able to let them off the lead, confident that they will come back when you want them to.

At the end of their time with us, we’ll spend some time with you, teaching you how to work with your dog to continue this excellent and obedient behaviour. You’ll have a full hour with your dog’s trainer to make sure you understand how to control your dog, and to teach you how to continue their training once they get home.

Should I Wait Until Winter To Train My Dog? 

If you’ve always dreaded letting your dog run free in the park, or you constantly have to go out of your way to avoid other dogs, then obedience or socialisation training could be just what you need. It will change the dynamic between the two of you and put you back in control, so you can make the most of every walk and discover new areas you’ve never dared to try before.

Sadly, for many dog owners, summer walks can be a challenge, keeping them out of fights with other dogs, keeping them out of the river, the puddles and everywhere else they are not supposed to go, and getting them to come back at all at the end of the walk, can drain all the fun out of even the sunniest walk. Winter training sessions can be the key to having a stress-free Summer.

Book Bespoke Training

At A&T Trained Dogs, we use tried and tested methods that our professional trainers have learned and honed over many years. Yet at the same time, we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to training your dog. Every animal has their own personality traits and every owner experiences their own unique problems with their pet. That’s why we will talk to you at length about what it is that you are hoping to get out of your dog training course.

Whatever the season, we tailor our approach to dog training and suit it around you and your schedule. Our combined experience ensures your dog is in a safe environment in the heat of Summer or snow in Winter, to get the best possible outcome of the training programme. Contact us online or call 01524 587315 to discuss our dog training services.