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We are delighted to have helped so many people, and their dogs, to develop a better relationship based on confidence, trust and obedience. It makes us proud to know that we have created so many happy dogs and stress free homes.

Here are just a few of the kind words of past customers.

At Trained Dogs Customer Review

A&T worked wonders with my dog Brandy. He was so mischievous! Now he’s the perfect dog. Obviously we always loved him, but with Tarik’s help he is so well behaved, does exactly as I say and is a wonderful part of the family. Bring your dog here, he works miracles!”

Gemma, Lancaster

I sent my dog to A&T Dogs for training to improve his behaviour and obedience. I missed him, but the guys arranged 3 separate residential sessions, so he wasn’t away for too long at one time. He’s a great dog now, and does just as I say. It’s great!

Gavin, Liverpool

An absolute transformation. When I left my dog Bella with the A&T Trained Dogs team, she was disobedient, scared and unpredictable in social situations and such hard work at home. Following just 2 weeks residential training, she’s like a new dog. She’s still as loveable and fun as ever, but after my handover with her main trainer – I can now get her to do exactly what I need her to do. We can also go into town, the park, anywhere with no trouble.

I really recommend the team!!
Thank you so much.

Hannah, Lancaster

A&T Trained Dogs provided us with our Medical Alert Dog and our life has never been the same since. We used to be up every hour in the night checking our son’s blood sugar, now our dog does this for us and only alerts us when he needs his insulin. We now get to sleep through secure in the knowledge that our son is safe and well.

I can’t describe how grateful we are.


I got my Family Protection Dog, Ruby from the guys at A&T Trained Dogs and we couldn’t be happier. She’s a real gentle giant when it come to being with the family, but responds to all my  commands instantly, she’s the perfect pet, but also a great working dog.

A&T gave great on-going support after we picked her up too, you can tell he really loves the animals and is sad to see them go, very important in my eyes to show they’ve been brought up in  a good home.

Sarah, Edinburgh
Handing over Bella

Thank you to Tarik and the team for help with a nervous and impossible dog to walk Bella spent nearly 4 weeks on residential training and is now a completely different dog I would recommend these guys to anyone with a unruly dog thanks again Carrie & Mark

Mark and Carrie, Stockport

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