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Specialist Dog Training

Our unrivalled experience means we are able to offer a huge selection of specialist training along side our general dog obedience training and dog behaviour courses. We have an impressive list of service dog training clients from a wide range of industries, including security, military and medical, and can provide training for:

  • Professional competition obedience
  • Blood-tracking for hunting dogs
  • Scent-tracking and search dogs
  • Single purpose police and military dogs
  • Dual purpose police dogs
  • Police drugs and narcotics dogs
  • Police tobacco dogs
  • Police explosives dogs
  • Minefield military dogs
  • Service and therapy dogs
  • Epilepsy detection dogs
  • Autism assistance dogs
  • Disability assistance dogs
  • Diabetes detection dogs
  • French ring dog training

For more information about any of these specialist services or to discuss a bespoke training programme to meet your exact requirements, please contact our Head Trainer, Alan Filjak directly on 01524 587315 or email info@at-traineddogs.com

Grant a Wish Foundation

Our Head Trainer, Alan Filjak has spent many years volunteering with the Grant a Wish Foundation, training medical alert dogs to assist individuals to manage complex health conditions. These dogs are taught to identify the odour changes that are associated with life- threatening medical events, transforming children’s lives. These highly trained dogs are expensive and time-consuming to train, but at A&T Trained Dogs, we are happy to help without charge.

We’ve got some great videos to share with you of these wonderful medical alert dogs in action. Alan has spent years working with the foundation with some truly inspirational stories to tell.

Keep an eye out on our social media pages to see the work we do with the life changing foundation.

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