Assi – Highly Trained Family Protection Dog

24 Months Old

Price: £5,500

Breed: German Shepherd
Type: Working Line Sable GSD

Age: 24 months
Sex: Female
Origin: Import (Croatia)

Vet Checked: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Pedigree Papers: Yes
Kennel Club / FCI: Yes
Registered: Yes
Micro Chipped: Yes
Pet Passport: Yes



Assi is a highly trained family protection dog imported from Croatia.

Her protection work is second to none. A loyal and lovely family dog, who will protect you and your family on command. She has the perfect temperament with all people and other dogs.

After 12 months of training Assi has a high level of obedience training. She is fully trained to respond to all command both off lead and on lead including, sit, stay, heel, attack.

For the perfect family pet, ready to defend you and your family choose an A&T Trained Dogs Family Protection Dog.