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Perfect Pets

Fully Trained Family Dogs

Forget the trouble of toilet training a puppy or dealing with the unknown upbringing of an adult dog; with A&T Trained Dogs you can get the perfect pet from day one. We operate a two-stage process to ensure that all our trained family dogs for sale meet the very highest standards, whichever breed, gender or age you choose.

Stage One: Expert selection

All our perfect pets are chosen by experts who select the very best dogs from the best breeders. We have strict standards and will only accept dogs that meet our stringent criteria, including:

  • Good breeding, with an excellent pedigree
  • A first class health record
  • Good social behaviour
  • Well behaved around children and animals
  • Good interaction with other dogs

Stage Two: first class training

Only when a dog has passed our stage one selection process, will it enter our Perfect Pets Training Programme. Each dog undergoes between three and six weeks of intensive training with our expert trainers to teach them a high level of obedience, including:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Recall
  • Good behaviour in the home
  • House training
  • Return

These steps make all the difference to your enjoyment of your pet, reducing friction and stress between you and making them a pleasure to be with.

Perfect Pet prices start from only £4,500

When you come to collect your Perfect Pet, their trainer will take you through a handover to teach you the commands and give you confidence in dealing with your new dog. You will also receive a Perfect Pet home pack, full of useful information, tips and techniques to help you introduce your new dog into your home and your life. Our friendly team are always happy to help smooth the process, and every Perfect Pet comes with full aftercare to support both you and your dog.

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