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Facilities Under Construction

Our beautiful training facilities in Lancaster are currently under construction.

Following the completion of the construction, A&T Trained Dogs will offer state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor dog agility training facilities in acres of stunning Lancashire countryside.

We will also provide the perfect home from home boarding kennels for your pets to relax in when you are away. Outside we will have both concrete and grass areas for walks and off lead play. There will also be a luxurious dog grooming area, ensuring that your dog looks at his or her very best.

Whilst we are in the construction phase, one of our partners has offered their own facilities, in Lancaster with kennels and set in 3 acres of land to ensure we can still provide second-to-none dog training services whilst we complete our permanent home.

For more information, please just call 01524 587315 or email info@at-traineddogs.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

With the fast pace of modern life, you need a dog that can simply slot into your existing lifestyle quickly and easily. That way you can enjoy all the benefits of companionship, assistance and protection of a well trained dog, without any of the stress and hassle that comes with an unknown animal.
Puppy training is very demanding, and few people have the time and skills to know how to train a dog correctly. This can sometimes do more harm than good, creating problems that can last a lifetime. Training an adult dog can be even harder.
We are open 9AM – 6PM Monday to Saturday. On Sunday we are closed, but you can always email us on info@at-traineddogs.com and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.
At A&T we understand that your dog is part of the family and you may not want to leave them for 5 weeks solid. Therefore, we can split their residential training into blocks. We would not recommend more than 2 weeks between blocks as it may negatively impact the progress our trainers are making. Call us to find out more.
We know you love your dog, and would do anything for them, but sometimes your love for them can make you blind to their behaviour problems. By coming to one to one training sessions together, we help ensure you are always in control whilst building a more fulfilling and content relationship with your dog.
Our family protection dogs are precisely that. Dogs that are specially trained to be a loving pet within the family and that love being around children. Our dogs are medium-drive meaning that they will play and have fun, but aren’t constantly needing exercise, they can relax with the family too. The additional benefit is, when trained as well as our dogs are – if you are ever unfortunate to need them to protect you and your family, it will instantly attack from your command, and stop just as instantly. The perfect protection companion.

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