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One to One Dog Training

When it comes to improving the bond between you and your dog, there is nothing as effective as one to one training. Often, if a dog is struggling with obedience, it’s not only the dog, but can be the owner not knowing 100% how to get the most out of their beloved pet. But don’t worry, one of our highly experienced trainers  is on hand to work with the two of you to improve communication and trust, learn new skills and overcome any behavioural problems.

Sessions start from £80

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How it Works

You and your dog will come to our stunning grounds in the Lancashire countryside and meet with your personal dog trainer. They will assess your relationship and your dog’s current level of training, and discuss any particular issues you would like to address.

Each dog trainer training session lasts two hours, during which you will learn new tips and techniques to improve their behaviour, and your dog will learn to obey your commands. We’ll give you the skills and confidence to be a better dog trainer, so you can continue your dog’s development once you return home.

The number of one to one dog training sessions required depends on your dog’s current obedience level and the kind of problems you are looking to overcome, but in most cases, we can achieve a significant improvement in behaviour and obedience in just a few sessions.

One to one dog training is available for any breed or age of dog, and any owner, and can produce remarkable results.

As every dog is different, one to one training packages can vary in cost. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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