Celebrities with family protection dogs

family protection dogIf you are considering buying a family protection dog in Lancashire from A&T Trained Dogs, then you’ll find yourself in very good company. A whole host of celebrities, past and present, from JF Kennedy to James T Kirk, have owned family protection dogs. Some decided to buy a family protection dog as a precaution, while others have done so in response to an incident that made them feel vulnerable and worried for the safety of themselves and their families.

Movie star protection dogs

There is quite a cast list of famous movie stars who have a family protection dog, including Jake Gyllenhaal and his German Shepherd, Atticus, Ben Affleck and his German Shepherd Hutch and Friends favourite, Jennifer Aniston, who has a distinctive white German Shepherd called Dolly. Oscar winner, Tom Hanks, also has a white German Shepherd and the breed has found a home with Jennifer Lopez, Reece Witherspoon and Claudia Schiffer and even managed to find favour with the notoriously hard to impress Shania Twain!

Dobermans are just as popular as protection dogs for the stars, with JFK, William Shatner, Nicholas Cage and Jumanji’s Kevin Hart all keeping one by their side, and the dynamic breed is all that Mariah Carey wants for Christmas too. Meanwhile, actors Justin Theroux and Jessica Biel opted for the protection of pit bulls, named Kuma and Tina respectively.

Not just another accessory

It is easy to dismiss these big-ticket animals as just another celebrity accessory, showing off their excessive lifestyles, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Premiership footballer, Jamie Vardy and his wife, I’m a Celebrity star, Rebekah, invested in a Doberman named Marco to protect their family after their home was targeted three years ago while Jamie was playing abroad for England.

Former model and TV personality, Katie Price, chose a family protection dog after her and her family were car-jacked at gun point by six men in South Africa. The thieves got away with jewellery, camera equipment and many other valuables, while Katie and her children watched defencelessly from the roadside.

Part of the family

The term ‘family protection dog’ may bring to mind a vicious, snarling beast, but far from it. Google any of the stars above and you’ll find them cuddled up to their pets just like any other dog owner. Family protection dogs are bred to be part of your family, and they are completely safe around family and friends, including children. They will only act aggressively on your command, when you feel threatened, and they are trained to warn off intruders with a display of aggression that in most cases is enough on its own. They will only attack when you tell them to, and they will stop just as quickly on command.

To find out more about buying a protection dog for your family, talk to the friendly team at A&T Trained Dogs today. We are constantly training well bred, hand-picked animals for our Lancashire Family Protection Dog programme, each chosen for their breed, temperament and personality, so we are sure to have exactly the right protection dog for you.